Friday, October 14, 2005


Carmen near the Mediterranean Sea with the Tramontana blowing and the Pyrenees on the background

Dear reader,

This part of Spain/Catalonia is called the 'Costa Brava'. That means 'Wild Coast' as Ferran Aguilò baptized this beauty around 1900 in a Catalan Newspaper.

But not only the coast is wild, the Mediterranean Sea is 'a beast not to tame' when the Tramontana blows.



Good morning / ¡ Buenos dias ! / Bon dia / Goede morgen ! / Bonjour ! ::: say it with flowers

Dear visitor,

A basket filled with flowers brings Peace and Happiness

When I was living in Holland, the custom was that every
husband brought a bunch of flowers to his wife as a gentle
way of saying 'thanks very much for all the work you did
this week...'


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The Mediterranean Sea can be like 'a beast not to tame...

Dear reader,

In December 2003 there was a storm on the Mediterranean Sea.

The 'Old Sea' as she is called can be an amazing beauty and a wild beast at the same time.

Near 'El Molinet' in Estartit this view
was presented.

My Olympus made a
click and here we are...

Colours around the Mediterranean Sea are endless
and always surprise you with their variation from
moment to moment.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Indoor Hockey on the 'Fira de Sant Andreu' in Torroella de Montgrí

Dear reader,

The Indoor Hockey Experiment ( 'Hockey Sala') that lasted some years
got a lot of support and help from many people including the Town Hall


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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Enjoying a high quality meal...

Dear Reader,

A goat and a lot of sheep are herded around the village we live in. The herd of Señor Melchior is the biggest one.

Once I saw a lamb giving birth on the second day of X-mas in the meadow. Healthy new life was there and it had come completely natural.

Sleep well !

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Poes, our companion for many years

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